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The Lean Organism

Ensuring Your Mission Success

Value is created at Execution. The only part of a strategy the customer sees is execution. Yet, when one googles Business Execution on Amazon.co.uk one gets a mere 2,000 hits whereas Business Strategy gets over 40,000 hits. Is execution really only 2.5% of winning in the marketplace? Of course not.

We need both strategy AND execution for sustainable success 

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Driving clarity of the Mission

Customized Strategic Direction Workshops

In a 2 day workshop, we facilitate strategic direction of senior leaders and departments. Our approach includes pre-interviews and a questionnaire.

After a short teaching module to support each element, workgroups build a framework around Objectives / Strategies / Where to Play / How to Win / Measures. This sets a clear direction for the coming 3 to 5 years.

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It's all about value creation

Brands (and Marketeers) That Create Value

Whilst everybody believes Brands and Marketing are important, 80% of CEO’s dislike or distrust their CMO (the corresponding number for CFO’s is 10%). Research confirms that most CFO’s see Marketeers as flakes and AdAgencies as flakes squared.

VUCASTAR® grounds the Marketing Department into value creating strategy and make them a contributor to driving Total Shareholder Return. The world’s most valuable brands have a strong underlying strategic foundation. They are also very disciplined in execution. There is a “system” to manage brands. 

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Leadership That Creates Sustainable Value

Spartan Executive Leadership

The life of the executive is demanding. Leadership qualities must constantly be strengthened in a VUCA environment.  It’s a life that eats massive amounts of energy and puts challenge on work / life balance.

At VUCASTAR®, we have developed a 2.5 days seminar covering 5 E’s: Envision - Execute - Empower – Edge - Energize. Real life cases and tools are provided to manage each aspect. 

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Panta Rhei

Positive Change Management

“You cannot step in the same river twice”. Already 2500 years ago, Heraclitus remarked that everything changes. “Panta Rhei”, everything flows. It certainly does in today’s VUCA world.

What also never changes is that change is difficult to manage. There is a reluctance of any organization to evolve. And yet, it is required for sustained success. How do we get there? 

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