The Lean Organism™

How to Make the Mission Succeed?

Value is created at Execution. The only part of a strategy the customer sees is execution. Yet, when one googles Business Execution on one gets a mere 2,000 hits whereas Business Strategy gets over 40,000 hits. Is execution really only 2.5% of winning in the marketplace? Of course not.

We need both strategy AND execution for sustainable success.

We’ve developed “The Lean Organism” methodology to close this gap in expertise and knowledge. It is a total process to manage a business from values, strategy, right down to individual action.

This also includes Change Management, Culture, Agility and Resilience. Cases are based on a range of experiences: hard earned business experience but also learnings from Special Forces training, Exploration and being in a Rock band.

In the end, leadership and strategy are about delivering results - sustainably - via world class execution.

“The Lean Organism™” is a system to get things done. Several of our clients have adopted it as their process of choice.