Change Management

The only constant in business is change, and although necessary for long-term success, it can be challenging to handle. To address this, we’ve developed a 14-Steps process to facilitate transformation.

We believe it is best to collaborate with your team because those who advocate for and oversee the transformation should be accountable for its repercussions.

The VUCASTAR Change Management 14-Steps Process

  1. Define and frame the Mission. Apply the Mission Success Equation™ and F.A.Y.U.R. Methodology™
  2. Get the organization to accept that change is needed.
  3. Convince the organization that they must act. Every change starts with a decision.
  4. Create new habits and find the keystone habit. A key stone habit starts a chain reaction. One change creates lots of other changes, it starts a process that transforms everything. Keystone habits define company culture.
  5. Understand barriers and insights via using the methodology used to develop successful advertising.
  6. Practice stakeholder mapping.
  7. Provide real proof via early wins.
  8. Know what to keep and pace the change.
  9. Empower a guiding coalition.
  10. Those not willing to get on the bus must leave.
  11. Manage emotion and psychology. EQ matters.
  12. If hit by a gamechanger, consider (a) to retreat, (b) to acquire the gamechanger, (c) strengthen and transform the core business, (d) milk the core, (e) develop gamechangers yourself, (f) lobby for government help.
  13. Overcommunicate.
  14. Effective change may require making people changes.