Some of our missions

Mission: coach an executive and help prepare the presentation for a critical Board meeting

An executive had to deliver a critical presentation to the Board of Directors. She asked VUCASTAR to help on content and delivery. Following a working session and tailored coaching, the presentation was refocused and made highly impactful. 

Mission Accomplished: the delivery went superb and the executive received kudos for her strategic vision and plans. 

The Mission: drive stronger business growth via a stronger Brand portfolio

A company wanted to get their brands managed in line with the very best FMCG companies. VUCASTAR developed a mix of seminars and strategy consults. Over several sessions, the organization was trained into the tools used for exceptional brand management. Then each brand’s strategy was worked in depth - using “the consumer at the core” model - from equity all the way down to advertising ideas. 

Mission Accomplished: the company is growing share and is using the tools to expand the portfolio. 

Mission: Deliver a winning strategy

A department of a large multinational required a new stratey. The VUCASTAR process is to always get one-on-one inputs from each executive before the strategy meeting. This helps to isolate key themes. It also ensures that all are "heard", even those who tend to be more introverted. In the meeting itself, we work with diverse groups who then discuss their points of view in plenum.

Mission Accomplished: a strategy document was developed and now serves as the very basis for choices, budget allocation and priorities.

Mission: build the team's confidence on mission success

A major multinational set an ambitious goal. However, they had just delivered a poor year. As a result, the organization did not believe the target was achievable. They asked VUCASTAR for a keynote to kick off their strategy and planning week. 

Mission Accomplished: Peter delivered an engaging 2 hour speech on what’s required to make the mission succeed and rallied the organisation.

The Mission: double the business

A CEO set a target to double the business in 3 years. With VUCASTAR, goals and strategies were developed in an in depth strategy review. 

Mission Accomplished: the plan is being implemented.