From Strategy All the Way Through Execution

VUCASTAR supported us to define the strategy for the next 5 years. They employ an excellent methodology to get the whole leadership team (quite literally) on the same page. On top, it is done in a highly engaging way, offering proven tools to get us to where we want to be.

Customized Strategic Direction Workshops
F.J. van Engelen – CFO • Telepizza

We collaborate with your team to establish where and how an intervention is needed. Our first step is to review where your company stands on the Mission Success Equation™ (”MSE”)

The MSE = (Strategic Clarity + Perfect Execution + Capabilities) x Ownership

The work doesn’t end with creating a strategy document. We also offer Go-to-Market Models that are crucial for determining the actions necessary to gain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, we can ensure the business is more VUCA-proof via working the 5 F.A.Y.U.R.™ vectors:

  • Fluid Strategy & Execution
  • Agility
  • Your Leadership
  • Understanding
  • Resilience

We always also deliver the HOW to deliver. Ultimately, we can propose a comprehensive solution through our “Lean Organism Management Model™”. This is an integrated management system that spans from top executive down to every individual employee. Its purpose is to ensure that everyone is working towards achieving the strategic objectives.