Brands That Win

We had regular strategic reviews with VUCASTAR. They have helped us shape highly comprehensive strategies for our entire Brand portfolio. The big plus is that Peter Corijn, their CEO, has been a senior executive himself. He’s been there. As a result, the tools provided are highly actionable and reality based. Everything is focused on creating value and winning in the marketplace.

Souhail Badaa • Vice President Novatis, Global CMO

VUCASTAR roots the Marketing Department in both value creation and capture. We ensure the Brand Management is part of the profit model. The most valuable brands globally are built upon a robust strategic base and executed with great discipline. There is a “system” to manage brands.

Our offerings include tools to manage brands at both the strategic and executional level. Tools include the Activity System, Profit Modelling, the Equity Pyramid, the AdBrain Map, The Consumer at the Core model, and the Brand Span Matrix. Additionally, we provide case studies on storyboard and advertising assessment tailored to client needs. Here’s one of the tools used: