Customized Strategic Direction Workshops

In a 2 day workshop, we facilitate strategic direction of senior leaders and departments. Our approach includes pre-interviews and a questionnaire. There is also "after-work" to support the executive team to develop appropriate Action Plans. In the first review meeting, we set up a War Room concept, which serves as a model for future reviews. 

After a short teaching module to support each element, workgroups build a framework around Objectives / Strategies / Where to Play / How to Win / Measures. This sets a clear direction for the coming 3 to 5 years. 

In line with “The Lean Organism™” methodology, we also discuss Microbattles, Activity Systems and a Process to make the Strategy document a “living” document.

The session ends on personal leadership development, during which some key actions must be agreed (at individual and team level). In the end, leaders need to make the strategy accepted and executed.